SDJGS Library Info

SDJGS has one of the largest genealogical libraries of all the JGS’s and is one of the few that allows members to borrow books.

Our library has over 600 items in its catalog. These items include:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Genealogy Journals
  • CDs
  • Newsletters from other Jewish genealogy societies 
  • Maps

Although some of the books in the collection have on-line versions and searchable databases, it is suggested that for the best possibility of success in looking for a name, you should use both – the book and the on-line version.

Books representing several areas of research in both the US and the other countries are included in the collection.

The SDJGS Library is located at the Lawrence Family JCC, 4126 Executive Dr, La Jolla.  Books and maps are in the Senior Activity Room and journals and newsletters are in the adjacent room, the JCC's Astor Judaica Library.

The library is open at in-person meetings. Members can borrow and return items at meetings.  

The catalog for the SDJGS Library may be searched and sorted by members online for subject, title, author and number.

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Catalog Search for Members - JOIN HERE

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